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a collection of fluid spaces

“I didn’t feel like a spectator. I was invited into a process, a deep transmission, as if I was sensing with my own early evolution, my coming into form. The next day I was amazed how different I felt in my body, free, easeful, expansive. I felt an internal process going on for two weeks, and woke up one morning with tears in my eyes. Life force! That’s what it was.  A connection to life force before birth trauma, beyond conditioning. An incredible gift.” - audience Julie Breines Oredam

“Working with BodyCartography Project has been remarkable and unforgettable. Our collaboration went well beyond providing space for the dancers to rehearse and perform; They helped transform my idea of what dance looks like, as well as my understanding of certain key objects in our exhibition Life and Death. Furthermore, an outstanding program of lectures and workshops curated by BodyCartography beautifully complemented the two weeks of performances at Nasjonalt Medisinsk Museum / Norsk Teknisk Museum.” -  curator Phil Loring

‘This is the place where death delights to help the living’

“Only later did I begin to understand that using biology and anatomy as a point of departure for movement and creation is not about getting the hard science right, but about finding new ways of imagining the body and approaching science from a different angle – as if it could be poetry.“ 

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“… their somatic practice does not seek formal beauty and engages in field-searches where the aesthetics is investigative. At the same time their somatic practice comes from somewhere and returns to it...”

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“Now I’m quite certain that this great work of somatic imagination, what we do with all in all rudimentary means – a drawing: a map – only serves to “make bodies”. There is a phrase by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, a Brazilian anthropologist, that I carry engraved in my mind like an amulet. It says more or less this: that between the biological materiality of organisms and the immaterial substance of souls, there is this central plane of bodies, bundles of affects, habits and perspectives.”

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“BodyCartography Project’s Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad have organized performances that breach the boundaries we create with body and space and within the mind through challenging the institution and the relationship between performer and viewer.”

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