"Aspects of the developmental movement of the respiratory diaphragm and the lungs in the embryo"

with Konrad Obermeier

Presented as part of BodyCartography's
"a collection of fluid spaces"

Introduced by Carla Bottiglieri

Teknisk Museum, Oslo
April 23, 2022

The movement of structure is mandatorily process oriented. Our perspective of a unified field ultimately encompasses the idea that the developmental movement (of structure) is the function. Contemplating lung development and breathing as the most fundamental movement of sustaining life will be the topic of Konrad’s third presentation. 

Konrad Obermeier is the editor for Kiener Verlag (Munich) of the Embryological writings of Dr. Erich Blechschmidt. He studied Communication and Anthropology,  University Munich. Since 1991 he has run a Somatic Praxis in Rolfing and is on the faculty Rolf Institute (USA) since 1996.